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Welcome to Scott Robert.  Market leading consultants for Financial Services firms.  FCA Authorisation, FCA Compliance, Risk Management and Strategy. We specialise in taking entrepreneurs and innovative ideas to market through our expertise.  Our wealth of experience helps to ensure that our clients stay compliant and ahead of the competition.

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Scott Robert – Empowering Businesses to Build Trust

As market-leading compliance consultants in the UK, we specialise in helping businesses to make the right commercial decisions. Our expertise is as sought-after as our integrity is praised. For more than a decade we have provided businesses across the UK the with the insights they require to achieve commercial objectives.

From FCA authorisation and advisory services to compliance, risk assessment, strategy and technology solutions, our services help businesses to achieve sustained commercial authority and steadfast consumer confidence.

What We Do:

We provide expert guidance and partnership on a wide range of commercial compliance. From meeting regulatory obligations and FCA authorisation to providing diligent advisory services, we help businesses to operate with confidence.

Many of our client relationships start at the point a firm is seeking to become authorised by the FCA, we have a huge amount of experience in presenting applications to the regulator and understand what the regulator needs to see in order for a firm to become authorised.  The volume of applications that we handle means that we are able to gain valuable intelligence in to the everchanging expectations and priorities that the regulator places on firms.  Our tried and tested approach ensures that your firms application has every chance of a successful outcome.

By partnering with our clients rather just providing a narrow view of a specific project and by using proven methodologies and in-depth knowledge, we help businesses to understand and manage regulatory risk through corporate governance and systems and controls. We will help you to better anticipate change, operate with improved agility, and identify risk factors.

We understand that operating a regulated business presents additional challenges when compared to business operating in an unregulated marketplace.  This means that it is even more important to find a compliance partner that can support your firm in meeting its regulatory requirements allowing you to ensure your business’ commercial success.  By taking the time to get to know you and really understanding the challenges that your business faces, we collect crucial information and deliver sound insights that help you assuredly challenge conventional thinking and introduce commercial strategies specifically tailored to your business.

We work with start-up firms in the initial business planning stages, established firms to support and review their existing strategies as well as firms who are planning to exit the industry.  If you’d like to find out more about how Scott Robert can help you.  Contact us today on 0161 914 5727 or email If you prefer, you can fill out our contact form here.

Such is the confidence that our customers place in us, it should come as little surprise that we’re considered to be the regulatory partner of choice for some of the more leading names in the private sectors.

Not only that, we specialise in taking innovative ideas to market. Working with start-up entrepreneurs, we instil the resolute belief that, regardless of the nature or complexity of the compliance or regulatory adherence, we will provide you with the requisite regulatory, compliance, data protection and training guidance as required.

3011, 2020

No Light Touch Regulation Due to Covid

November 30th, 2020|Comments Off on No Light Touch Regulation Due to Covid

FCA admits Covid is likely to result in firms failing, but says that can't mean lighter touch regulation On September 24, at the regulator’s annual public [...]

2911, 2020

FCA Looking to the Future Following Pandemic

November 29th, 2020|Comments Off on FCA Looking to the Future Following Pandemic

FCA chief looks to the future during his first speech, and speaks about the FCA's pandemic response during the regulator's podcast Nikhil Rathi has given [...]

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