ICO Issues Fine Over Pension Cold Calling

The Information Commissioner’s Office has imposed a £50,000 fine on a Halifax-based firm which admitted to breaching the pensions cold calling ban on up to 96,817 occasions – it was not clear how many of the calls were eventually connected to the intended recipient, so the actual number of contraventions could be lower. The firm is now also subject to an enforcement notice, meaning that they could be prosecuted if they continue to make unsolicited calls.


Gender Pension Gap Widens Among Over 55s

Research by the Centre for Economics and Business Research, in partnership with equity release provider More2Life, has indicated that the pandemic has widened the UK’s gender pension gap, especially amongst the over 55s who are due to retire in the near future.


41% Of Vulnerable Customers Allege Poor Treatment

The Vulnerability Registration Service has revealed that more than two in five (41%) of vulnerable customers believe they have received poor treatment from a firm during the past 12 months. This covers consumers’ experiences across a wide range of firms, but financial services firms are most certainly responsible for much of the poor treatment.


The FCA’s Business Plan 2021

The Financial Conduct Authority (‘FCA’) has released its highly anticipated Business Plan which is available to read on its website. The FCA publishes a business plan annually which is an outline of the regulator’s intention and goals over the current and forthcoming years. This year, the Business Plan was published on the 15th of July 2021 alongside a webinar hosted by the new FCA Chief Executive Officer Nikhil Rathi.

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