Covid creates six million ‘accidental savers’

Office for National Statistics data might show that nine million people in the UK have been forced to borrow additional sums as a result of financial difficulties caused by the pandemic. However, a new report by financial consultancy LCP has also revealed that the health emergency has created 6.4 million ‘accidental savers’, who have managed to reduce their outgoings significantly whilst retaining their job. Many of these have benefitted to the tune of several thousand pounds. 


ICO imposes fine for nuisance calls related to life insurance

The Information Commissioner’s Office has fined a Nottingham-based marketing company £120,000 after it was found to have made 159,461 unsolicited direct marketing calls relating to life insurance. The calls continued over a five-month period between May and October 2019 and were all made to consumers who had registered with the Telephone Preference Service and should therefore not have received any marketing calls.


Help To Buy Extended

The Help To Buy scheme in England has been extended by two months until May 31 2021, with the coronavirus pandemic estimated to have delayed construction of some new homes by as much as eight months. The extension only applies where an application is already in progress. 

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