Changes Announced to Debt Relief Orders

Changes Announced to Debt Relief Orders (DROs)

The Insolvency Service has released an update following the consultation changes to Debt Relief Orders (DROs). The changes to DROs are now agreed, finalised, and will come into effect at the end of June 2021. Due to the changes, It is expected that over 13,000 more individuals may use DROs within the next 12 months and when compared to 2019 statistics. This represents a 50% increase.


Protecting your brand to enable opportunities and mitigate risk

A trade mark is a valuable asset vital to attracting investment and creating opportunities such as licensing. A trade mark is also a significant deterrent to other traders adopting similar business names and provides concrete proof of your claim to legal rights. If you are licensing a mark that belongs to others, it is important to consider the licensing or purchase opportunities available to you in order to avoid a dispute or litigation.

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