Adviser Trade Body Highlights ‘Power Of Advice’

A new blog from the trade association the Personal Investment Management & Financial Advice Association confidently states that “professional financial advice has the power to fundamentally improve the quality of life for those who access it”. In support of this, PIMFA refers to many studies which have shown that consumers who use financial advisers have significantly higher retirement incomes. It also cites a survey which showed that 86% of people who sought financial advice believed it to be a beneficial experience.


ICO Issues Fine Over Pension Cold Calling

The Information Commissioner’s Office has imposed a £50,000 fine on a Halifax-based firm which admitted to breaching the pensions cold calling ban on up to 96,817 occasions – it was not clear how many of the calls were eventually connected to the intended recipient, so the actual number of contraventions could be lower. The firm is now also subject to an enforcement notice, meaning that they could be prosecuted if they continue to make unsolicited calls.

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