An FCA compliance consultant assists authorised firms, and those seeking authorisation, with ensuring their FCA compliance. For some firms, particularly those with little internal compliance capacity, consultants are an integral part of their compliance management. For others compliance consultants are called upon when the firm has a specific compliance requirement. Compliance obligations cannot be outsourced to a consultant but a good compliance consultant will enable a firm to meet their obligations through cost-effective solutions.

The FCA have produced a fact sheet about using an FCA Compliance Consultant.

When selecting an FCA compliance consultant firms should consider the following key issues:

• What experience does the compliance consultant have in the area of compliance that firm requires assistance with, and is their knowledge up to date.

• What capacity does the FCA compliance consultant have, and do they have any contingency arrangements in the event that they are unable to undertake the work due to unforeseen circumstances.

• Are they able to provide workable solutions rather than just identify problems.

• Will they be able to work with key individuals in the firm, and will they add value to the firm.

We’re not just an FCA Compliance Consultant; we’re a team of expert FCA Compliance Consultants with experience and proven results in all aspects of FCA compliance. Our team consists of ex-regulators, legal practitioners and industry professionals.

Whether you are proactively seeking to ensure your firm is compliant, or need assistance with a compliance headache, we offer practical solutions that work for your firm.

Speak to one of our experts today for confidential and no obligation advice about FCA compliance.

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