Ensuring FCA Compliance can be a challenging task but is essential for all authorised firms as the consequences of non-compliance can be disastrous. The FCA expects firms to achieve compliance through having proportionate systems and controls in place, ensuring that apportionment of responsibility has been undertaken appropriately, and maintaining appropriate records. You can read more about the FCA’s compliance expectations on the FCA website or you can download our free guides below.

Where FCA compliance is not to the required standard the FCA may choose to undertake further investigation into the firm. This is either completed by the FCA itself or could result in a Skilled Persons Report being requested. The outcomes of FCA investigations may involve sanctions being applied including limiting or removing the firm’s authorisation, issuing fines to the firm and its controllers, and requiring the firm to pay compensation to its customers. Find out more about FCA investigations by reading our free guides below, or visit the FCA website.

We’re experts in FCA compliance; our team consists of ex-regulators, legal practitioners and industry professionals. If you’re concerned about your FCA compliance, or you’re currently facing an FCA investigation, speak to one of our experts today for confidential and no obligation advice.

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