Here at Scott Robert, we work tirelessly to provide comprehensive and reliable advice on FCA authorisation. So, let us navigate the regulatory maze for you.

Legislation and regulation are ever evolving, and navigating FCA requirements can be confusing for budding firms. Seeking advice is crucial, and here at Scott Robert, we pride ourselves on keeping our clients happy.

A Group of Field Experts

We are experts in financial regulation, with a team made up of industry experts, ex-regulators and legal professionals. We offer advice on regulation to both government and independent firms.

Offering effective guidance on financial services regulation requires us to listen to our clients to determine their needs and regulatory requirements, including obtaining a consumer credit licence from the FCA. Scott Robert offers real solutions for firms seeking to position their services in line with regulatory requirements.

Services We Provide

We offer comprehensive legal and compliance advice, making sure our clients implement workable frameworks for their financial services. Offering advice on FCA authorisation is one of our most popular and important services. The process involves wide-ranging support for firms, helping individual firms implement the systems and controls necessary for obtaining authorisation.

We can offer instructions to legal counsel directly, given our licensed access to the Bar Council. Consequently, we work with some of the most experienced barristers working in financial regulation.

Commitment to Confidentiality

At Scott Robert, we offer cost-effective solutions for those seeking authorisation with the FCA. We do not publish a list of clients, given our commitment to confidentiality, but those who use our services always receive the guidance they need. This mutual understanding underwrites our intimate relationship with the clients on our books.

We are a committed and erudite team of experts who enjoy our dynamic working environment. We offer a value and quality of service unparalleled in the broader market.

We offer a service that most financial firms require. Legislation can be confusing and is subject to ceaseless evolution. Navigating regulation is not a simple task and firms offering financial services know the importance of seeking independent guidance and advice. Importantly, acquiring FCA authorisation is essential and breaches of financial legislation carry severe penalties. These should start from

Firms cannot be too careful. When seeking advice, experience talks. Here at Scott Robert, we understand the importance of experience and customer-care, as well as value for money. Contact us for more information regarding our top services.

If you are seeking advice or more information about acquiring FCA authorisation, one of our team would love to hear from you.