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Claims Management Training & Competence

MOJ compliance training is a term often used to describe the training which is required to be undertaken to meet the training and competence requirements set out for claims management companies by the Claims Management Regulator at the Ministry of Justice (MOJ).

Compliance training is an essential part of ensuring that everyone who is employed in a claims management company is competent to undertake their role. The extent of the required competence will differ depending on the duties being undertaken, and although the MOJ has not set out detailed rules regarding training and competence there are three core principles which should be observed in order to ensure compliance:

• Attaining competence
• Maintaining competence
• Record keeping

Management information arising from training and competence should be used as part of the firm’s human resource decision making, and can be an indicator of root causes of compliance problems.

You can find out more about training and competence obligations by reading downloading our free guide below.

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